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As a new and dynamic childcare centre, we are always interested in supporting new staff that can bring fresh ideas to the classrooms.

We are looking for staff who are enthusiastic, willing to learn, have good communication skills and understand how working as a team is the key to success in a classroom. We are always looking for experienced RECE’s. We offer paid professional development and education for our full-time staff. Please explore our website for more information on our philosophy, and what child care means to us.

Kid’s Mondo Childcare Centre welcomes both placement students and volunteers into the various programs offered in our child care program. We believe it is a valuable part of gaining experience in a child care environment. Volunteers and students also play an important role in supporting staff in the daily operation of child care programs. 

Are you looking for a great volunteer opportunity?

Volunteers, directly and indirectly, enhance the quality of care we provide to the children. 

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of children? Most of our volunteers interact directly with the children in our Programs. Volunteers are supervised by trained staff and are never left alone with a child or group of children. The children thrive on the attention they receive from their volunteers and look forward to their visits.

Students on Placement

We have a variety of opportunities for students looking for a placement

Kid’s Mondo Childcare Centre provides learning opportunities and work experience for students in the field. Students are completing Secondary or Post-Secondary Education courses or enrolled in community programs. Others are new to Canada and are looking for workplace experience.

 Most students on placement are completing their Early Childhood Education or Child and Youth Care course requirements and are most often interested in early learning and child care as a career. These students are placed in the classrooms, where they work closely with our staff to gain hands-on experience with children. Some students might also be given the opportunity to work in the office.